Being Vaccinated Does NOT Mean (Bookish Edition)

As vaccines open up to more adults, Twitter is having some fun with reminding people what they should not do even once they are vaccinated. And I don’t mean things the CDC recommends like avoiding unmasked visits with unvaccinated high-risk people and not attending medium and large gatherings. Instead, this farcical meme took over Twitter telling users that being vaccinated does NOT mean you can commit morally questionable acts immortalized in books, movies, television, and songs. Books in particular were ripe for the picking in creating funny versions of the meme as book Twitter users started to one up each other with references to everything from Pride and Prejudice to Twilight. I laughed along with many literary Twitter users and collected this bunch of my favorite tweets for you to enjoy.

The meme may have started with a good old Cask of Amontillado joke. This is a good throwback to 2016 when Poe was all over Tumblr and other social media sites. And frankly, vaccinated or not, I would never suggest emulating any of Poe’s protagonists, and that stands for The Tell-Tale Heart, The Fall of the House of Usher, and even Bartleby.

hey PSA: being vaccinated does NOT mean you can invite your friend over for a cask of amontillado sherry, while secretly planning to entomb him within your basement in revenge for a perceived slight

— noah pasarán (@noahpsychs) April 7, 2021

And, of course, a William Carlos Williams “This is Just to Say” meme soon followed.

being vaccinated does NOT mean you can eat the plums that were in the icebox and which I was probably saving for breakfast, william

— Rob Taylor (@roblucastaylor) April 7, 2021

I may have clapped my hands together when I saw this reference to my favorite scenes between kindred spirits Anne Shirley and Diana Barry in Anne of Green Gables. Who among us hasn’t mixed up raspberry cordial with currant wine?

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can invite your bosom friend over for an elegant afternoon tea and get her drunk on currant wine you mistook for Marilla’s raspberry cordial

— Amy Peterson (@amylpeterson) April 8, 2021

Some deep literary analysis entered the meme through classics like The Great Gatsby and Moby Dick.

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can host an extravagant party at your West Egg mansion that symbolizes the superficiality and moral corruption of the rich

— SparkNotes (@SparkNotes) April 7, 2021

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can sail the seas with your crew Ishmael, Queequeg & Starbuck offering a doubloon to whomever first sights the terrible white whale which bit off your leg, bent on destroying it even if doing so fulfills a prophecy which leads to your own death.

— Mikel Jollett (@Mikel_Jollett) April 8, 2021

Boromir would definitely agree with this tweet! Even though I’m pretty sure Frodo does simply walk into Mordor in the end.

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can “simply walk into Mordor”

— Deeps (@candle_light19) April 8, 2021

It is always a good idea to avoid the actions of Jurassic Park antagonist John Hammond.

being vaccinated does NOT mean you can start a theme park on an island populated with dinosaurs cloned from dna found in prehistoric mosquitoes, so preoccupied with whether you could that you didn’t stop to think if you should.

— Emma Bolden (@emmabo) April 7, 2021

Of course, Jane Austen twitter had a lot of fun with this meme!

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can attend any social event. You also need the patronage of the esteemed Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

— Icona 📚 (@Iconawrites) April 7, 2021

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can send your daughter to her boyfriend’s house on horseback so she’ll get caught in the rain and have to spend the night. Be smart.

— Pod and Prejudice (@podandprejudice) April 7, 2021

being vaccinated does NOT mean you can get dressed up, go to a ball at netherfield with all of your sisters, and have an enemies to lovers moment with a man who earns 10,000 pounds a year, no matter what your mother says. be smart

— meg-Han Solo (@red10meg) April 7, 2021

Someone even pulled out an obscure Emma reference!

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can go beyond the shrubbery.

— Sarah Rose Kearns (@Persuasion_JA) April 8, 2021

And there are lots of things from Twilight that you shouldn’t do.

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can go to a birthday party and get a paper cut and have your boyfriend fling you across the room as his adopted brother tries to suck your blood!

— Erin Harvey (@miss_erinmarie_) April 7, 2021

We love to see a reference to From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Also running away from home and social distancing inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art is secretly my pandemic dream.

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can just run away to live in the Met, buy your food using coins salvaged from the fountain, and work with an eccentric recluse to identify a mystery Renaissance sculpture. Timed ticket entry to the Met is still limited, be smart

— Kate Washington (@washingtonkate) April 8, 2021

I would argue things turned out pretty good for the unnamed heroine of Rebecca…you know, except for (spoiler alert!) being married to a murderer. She seems happy though.

being vaccinated does NOT mean you can vacation in monte carlo and fall in love with the first charming older man you meet, marry him on a whim, and follow him back to his secluded family manor where secrets of the past still echo in the empty halls

— same old ghost 🍂 (@sameoldghost) April 7, 2021

Also, I think things go alright for Cassandra from I Capture the Castle too!

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can commune with nature outside your semi decrepit castle home while your father struggles with writer’s block and document it later from your kitchen sink.

— Cethan Leahy (@CethanLeahy) April 9, 2021

And author Kate Clayborn brought the meme firmly into Romancelandia with this challenge!

being vaccinated does NOT mean it’s safe to befriend all of the animals at the sad circus run by the lost heir to the Romanov dynasty. 🐘

— Jen (@JenReadsRomance) April 9, 2021

Being vaccinated does not mean you can save a man from a street gang by shooting someone and then barge your way into his gaming hell leaving your spectacles everywhere until he forces you to leave because his feelings for you are too strong and then…

— Learning The Tropes: A Podcast for Romance Novels (@learningtropes) April 8, 2021

Being vaccinated does not mean you can spend the summer at your dead father’s secret beach house to write your next book only to make a bet with your neighbor and college rival wherein you switch preferred genres and go on research dates until you realize you’re actually in love.

— Amanda B. (@itsthemandashow) April 9, 2021

Being vaccinated does NOT mean that you can run off to Gretna Green with the man who recently attempted to abduct your best friend.

— Jessica Avery 🌲💀 (@JtheBookworm) April 8, 2021

A nice You’ve Got Mail reference! The best and most bookish romantic comedy.

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can fall in love with a man over email who turns out to be the one putting your small bookstore out of business

— Sofiya Alexandra (@TheSofiya) April 7, 2021

I personally feel attacked by this next one.

Even if you’re fully vaccinated the CDC recommends finishing some of the books on your shelf before buying new ones

— CiCi Adams🌸 (@CiCiAdams_) April 10, 2021

And finally, a reminder that under no circumstances should you forget about the Oxford Comma.

Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can abandon, neglect, or discard the Oxford comma.

— Jeannie Prinsen 😷 (@JeanniePrinsen) April 7, 2021

I hope you enjoyed these “Being vaccinated does NOT mean” memes! Even though the vaccine doesn’t give you permission to commit this literary faux pas, I wish you luck finding appointments once you become eligible.

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